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Apple Computer Manuals

Manuals for the Apple Computer/Apple Inc. line of electronics and computers.

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Its best-known hardware products are the Mac line of computers, the iPod media player, the iPhone smartphone, and the iPad tablet computer. Its consumer software includes the OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media browser, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and productivity suites.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, to develop and sell personal computers. It was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977, and was renamed as Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007, to reflect its shifted focus towards consumer electronics.


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Computer Manuals (Hardware and Software)
The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

disk 116
apple 110
game 103
press 70
joystick 65
program 63
computer 43
magic 40
hard disk 39
select 38
click 37
replace 36
hard drive 35
command 34
iii 32
apple iigs 31
cable 31
disk drive 31
remove 31
logic 30
logic board 30
space bar 30
drive 29
display 28
mouse 28
sierra 28
level 27
type 27
combat 26
cursor 26
player 26
quest 26
adventure 25
iigs 25
character 24
screen 24
software 24
spell 24
enemy 23
save game 22
powerbook 21
warranty 21
battery 20
board 20
button 20
keyboard 20
print 20
characters 19
electronic arts 19
program disk 19
enter 18
iff 18
spells 18
control panel 17
manual 17
menu 17
points 17
animated adventure 16
apart 16
color 16
icon 16
mouse button 16
party 16
return 16
tale 16
von 16
armor 15
ball 15
magic user 15
move 15
power supply 15
cfl 14
macintosh 14
magic users 14
magical 14
save 14
top case 14
data 13
diskette 13
ffl 13
hit points 13
inventory 13
optical drive 13
walk 13
dialog box 12
die 12
dragon 12
figure 12
goto 12
monitor 12
power 12
ram 12
tfl 12
wizard 12
airport extreme 11
ihc 11
insert 11
key 11
king 11
mage 11
monsters 11
reference card 11
seite 11
ship 11
adventure game 10
animated 10
black stick 10
commands 10
crt 10
dungeon 10
electronic 10
game disk 10
gold 10
joystick button 10
lda 10
lis 10
main menu 10
maze 10
preliminary steps 10
press return 10
replace logic 10
ships 10
spell points 10
thief 10
troubleshooting symptom 10
atari 9
creatures 9
flj 9
hint book 9
insert disk 9
interactive 9
interactive fiction 9
map 9
memory 9
players 9
saved game 9
sirius 9
symptom charts 9
teleport 9
airport card 8
defective media 8
gosub 8
ifl 8
input 8
instruction manual 8
mac 8
modem 8
option 8
party member 8
recording medium 8
replacement 8
sample transcript 8
saved 8
space 8
space quest 8
thai 8
unit 8
units 8
usb 8
activision 7
apple computer 7
apple lie 7
assembly 7
backup battery 7
battle 7
bottom case 7
cards 7
castle 7
chess 7
control 7
das 7
destiny 7
energy 7
ffi 7
fire button 7
flex 7
flex cable 7
hex 7
install 7
instruction 7
leisure suit 7
lisa 7
master 7
play 7
press enter 7
pressing 7
printer 7
room 7
saving games 7
skara brae 7
slot 7
sta 7
sword 7
tale compendium 7
target 7
terrain 7
torpedo 7
tournament 7
und 7
verify 7
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Date Published
Apple IIc Reference Manual, The - Volume 2 (1994)(Apple)
Topics: dfb, apple, equ, firmware, lda, sta, jsr, interrupt, appendix, byte, apple lie, firmware listings,...
Topics: macbook, pro, core, replace, cable, verify, battery, logic, flex, keyboard, flex cable, black...
Apple Service Programs Manual (1989-03)(Apple)[PN 072-0082]
Topics: apple, macintosh, repair, pertaining, warranty, parts, applecare, laserwriter, column, apple...
Topics: error, file, errors, failed, uhr, driver, applecare, invalid, hardware, resource, unit table,...
Apple II Reference Manual (1979)(Apple)
Topics: dfb, lda, apple, jsr, memory, nop, rom, sta, location, fboo fboo, machine language, autostart rom,...
Topics: xserve, server, drive, firewire, board, remove, replace, logic, riser, optical, hard drive, xserve...
Topics: sie, die, und, von, auf, das, fur, den, klicken sie, klicken, fur die, finden sie, wahlen sie,...
Apple Manual: Hobbit - Manual
Topics: bilbo, click, press, game, screen, inventory, sting, default, objects, courage, courage points,...
Topics: macbook, pro, core, replace, battery, verify, logic, cable, flex, keyboard, black stick, airport...
Topics: powerbook, cable, flex, replace, battery, board, keyboard, logic, verify, apart, card cage, symptom...
Topics: display, duo, remove, battery, cpu, replace, cable, powerbook, apart, logic, hard drive, main...
Topics: powerbook, logic, cable, flex, battery, apart, remove, replace, verify, keyboard, backup battery,...
Topics: display, battery, replace, drive, apart, cable, powerbook, floppy, assembly, logic, logic board,...
Apple Manual: The Book of Adventure Games Volume 1 HQ
Topics: desert, drop, adventure, room, maze, game, open, push, jungle, gold, city street, street city, time...
Topics: mac, pro, power, pci, drive, processor, logic, cable, mac pro, remove, preliminary steps, panel...
Topics: macbook, cable, apart, remove, bezel, lcd, display, replacement, clutch, battery, nonconductive...
Apple II Super Serial Card (1981)(Apple)
Topics: ssc, apple, data, mode, command, lda, serial, dfb, character, printer, serial card, super serial,...
Topics: display, apple, cinema, monitor, color, troubleshooting, usb, screen, apple cinema, symptom, grip...
Topics: remove, display, cable, rear, cinema, shield, apple, bezel, replacement, usb, procedure requires,...
Apple Graphics Tablet (1979)(Apple)
Topics: tablet, lda, print, graphics, sta, pen, color, goto, apple, equ, graphics tablet, tablet software,...
Topics: assembly, display, replace, apart, drive, logic, remove, powerbook, floppy, cable, logic board,...
Topics: replace, battery, display, logic, drive, modem, cable, inverter, floppy, remove, top case, ram...
Topics: display, usb, adjustments, remove, crt, apart, studio, board, power, cable, control panel, display...
Topics: powerbook, remove, cable, board, display, replace, replacement, apart, screws, modem, inner frame,...
Apple IIgs Owner's Guide (1986)(Apple Computer)
Topics: apple, disk, applications, application, computer, drive, figure, document, slot, printer, control...
Apple Manual: Gold Rush California Gold
Topics: gold, mining, miners, town, sutter, san, nevada, quartz, diggings, creek, gold rush, san francisco,...
Apple Manual: Castle Wolfenstein
Topics: castle, apple, muse, wolfenstein, press, disk, escape, software, chest, program, castle...
Apple II Reference Manual (1978-01)(Apple)[30th Anniversary Edition]
Topics: lda, jsr, dfb, program, apple, memory, poke, sta, equ, rts, dfb dfb, lda sta, machine language,...
Topics: crt, discharge, anode, macintosh, applecare, uhr, return, tool, alligator, apple, apple crt, anode...
Apple Manual: Carmen World-Manual
Topics: carmen, disk, program, broderbund, icon, click, crime, computer, apple, clues, crime computer,...
Topics: powerbook, replace, drive, board, display, logic, battery, floppy, power, apart, supply board, palm...
Topics: powerbook, hda, srvc, ibook, matrix, confidential, cpu, imac, description, mac, hda matrix, cpu...
Apple IIc Reference Manual, The - Volume 1 (1994)(Apple)
Topics: display, apple, memory, firmware, port, table, input, chapter, ram, output, apple lie, serial port,...
Apple Service Technical Procedures Macintosh Family - Volume One (1991-03)(Apple)[PN 072-0228]
Topics: macintosh, logic, disk, replace, board, remove, crt, mactest, scsi, drive, additional procedures,...
Macintosh Hardware (1985)(Apple)
Topics: macintosh, apple, disk, data, computer, interrupt, keyboard, clock, historical, computer technical,...
Apple IIGS Toolbox Reference Volume 3 (1989-08-30)(Apple Computer)(beta)
Topics: toolbox, volume, apple, control, resource, tool, beta, iigs, draft, textedit, beta draft, apple...
Apple II Reference Manual (1978-01)(Apple)
Topics: lda, program, apple, dfb, memory, jsr, sta, epz, ldy, poke, machine language, basic program, lda...
Topics: replace, battery, modem, backup, powerbook, remove, verify, display, interconnect, esd, additional...
Apple Manual: 33 adult games
Topics: print, goto, gosub, poke, lines, program, htab, locate, input, rem program, program lines, program...
Apple Manual: Laura Bow The Leyendecker Museum Manual
Topics: leyendecker, amon, museum, egyptian, temple, renaissance, armor, anion, dagger, ancient,...
Mac Mini G4 Service Manual (2005)(Apple Computers)
Topics: mac, mini, antenna, bluetooth, replace, internal, airport, board, logic, apart, mac mini, internal...
Apple Manual: wasteland manual
Topics: character, skill, ranger, finster, vegas, desert, combat, characters, weapon, command, ranger...
From Apple IIe to Apple IIgs Performance Update (1986)(Apple Computer)
Topics: apple, port, iigs, disk, slot, panel, color, mouse, control, text, control panel, apple iigs, disk...
Topics: raid, xserve, module, remove, power, front, panel, controller, status, system, status lights, fibre...
Apple Manual: the book of adventure games i part 2
Topics: drop, desert, maze, open, push, gold, street, unlock, room, city, city street, street city, maze...
Topics: powerbook, battery, apple, keyboard, cable, replace, connector, symptom, remove, computer,...
Apple II Basic Programming Manual (1978)(Apple)
Topics: program, print, apple, statement, color, type, computer, screen, goto, square root, prompt...
Topics: mac, mini, antenna, bluetooth, replace, board, airport, internal, mezzanine, logic, mezzanine...
Topics: powerbook, cable, logic, remove, replace, keyboard, replacement, battery, modem, drive, black...
Apple Service Technical Procedures Macintosh Family - Volume Two (1991-03)(Apple)[PN 072-0228]
Topics: macintosh, disk, logic, logic board, scsi, apple, ram, replace, mactest, drive, power, hard disk,...
Apple Service Technical Procedures - Archived Products - Volume One (1991-03)(Apple)[PN 072-0231]
Topics: apple, test, disk, replace, remove, monitor, iii, drive, power, analog, power supply, apple iii,...
Topics: powerbook, cable, flex, replace, remove, apart, battery, logic, board, verify, symptom charts,...
Locksmith Version 6.0 (1987)(Alpha Logic Business Systems)
Topics: disk, locksmith, track, manual, tht, data, ram, nibble, copy, cursor, ram card, text editor, fast...
Topics: usb, apple, emac, devices, ports, controller, ram, firewire, chapter, october, video display, sound...
Topics: display, dvi, apple, studio, color, screen, power, usb, desktop, brightness, control panel, apple...
Apple II Extended 80-Column Text Card Supplement (1985)(Apple)
Topics: memory, auxiliary, apple, text, display, lda, graphics, extended, sta, auxiliary memory, text card,...
Apple II Monitors Peeled (1981)(Apple)
Topics: monitor, screen, routine, scroll, addr, set, input, program, cursor, addr addr, scroll window,...
Apple Manual: Wasteland Survival Guide
Topics: eugene, stew, kate, cochise, room, sleeper, secpass, wos, ond, desert, base cochise, guardian...
Apple Manual: WindWalker-Book of I Ching
Topics: hexagram, cast, trigram, heaven, earth, receptive, ching, question, coins, wise, receptive earth,...
Apple IIgs System Disk User's Guide (1986)(Apple Computer)
Topics: disk, files, finder, icon, figure, folder, disks, chapter, utilities, destination, destination...
Topics: powerbook, cable, logic, replacement, replace, keyboard, remove, battery, drive, apple, airport...
Apple Manual: Lisa Hardware Reference Manual (1983-05-31)(Apple)
Topics: lisa, hardware, apple, memory, data, pilkington, technical, manual, edited, error, block diagram,...
Apple Manual: Police Quest 3 Hint Book
Topics: homicide, quest, cursor, sonny, police, locker, marie, ihc, click, police quest, homicide office,...
Apple Manual: Space Vikings manual (subLOGIC)
Topics: ship, planet, troops, star, federation, radar, hyperdrive, base, command, space, star system, space...
Apple Manual: police quest - policemans indoctrination guide
Topics: press, indoctrination, officer, police, quest, adventure, lytton, vehicle, procedures,...
Apple II AppleColor Composite Monitor Owner's Guide (1986)(Apple)
Topics: monitor, apple, color, applecolor, composite, display, text, interference, computer, adjusting,...
Apple Manual: SierraVault Game List V201302010
Topics: release, sierra, hoyle, slipcase, quest, box, series, games, sized, oversized, sierra slipcase,...
Topics: apple, usb, mac, devices, pci, firewire, data, power, september, audio, graphics cards, fire wire,...
Topics: powerbook, cable, logic, replace, remove, apart, battery, flex, board, verify, symptom charts,...
Apple Manual: WinterGames-Manual
Topics: skating, joystick, press, games, winter, lutz, triple, jump, camel, axel, winter games, fire...
Apple Manual: the book of adventure games i part 1
Topics: room, desert, maze, adventure, path, cave, game, jungle, door, underwater, desert desert, aegean...
A-ONE Apple 1 Replica Computer (2006)(Achatz Electronics)
Topics: replica, apple, hardwaremanual, electronics, netherlands, ram, user, computer, woz, monitor,...
Apple Manual: weird computer games manual
Topics: print, return, subroutine, data, goto, gosub, program, cls, replace, computer, replace cls,...
Apple Service Technical Procedures Apple II Family - Volume Two (1992-03)(Apple)[PN 072-0229]
Topics: apple, monitor, replace, crt, remove, colormonitor, logic, figure, drive, rear, main logic, rear...
Apple II Memory Expansion Card (1985)(Apple)
Topics: expansion, memory, program, apple, prodos, press, disk, copying, slot, memory expansion, expansion...